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IBB’s endorsement: who cares

 This is just a major sojourn into aimless ego trip. What political capital will an IBB endorsement secure for the candidates. I fail to see.  IBB? IBB? Will his endorsement make me vote for a candidate or the other, I think not. The man is just deluding himself that he still counts in present day Nigeria and in his characteristic manner has been dribbling himself all over the place. Endorsing one candidate on Monday, endorsing the next one on Tuesday and on Wednesday endorsing Chris Okotie. I suspect even the man sef knows how worthless his endorsement is, that is why he has been trying to confuse himself.  Our candidates show desperation by doing things like this.

Buhari who was overthrown by IBB carrying himself there for endorsement?
Look Jona and Mahmud or is it Muhammadu, if you are serious about winning this election, come seek for my endorsement. With me, you won’t need to carry too many people, you will be sure that once I speak, I have spoken. I will not change my mind no matter what happens and lastly I have a huge followership. All the people who come to Emeka’s Place in Surulere to drink listen to what I have to say and go ahead and follow my instructions. The other day, I endorsed the candidate for street chairman and he won.

  I swear he won without even campaigning all he said was that I was in support. Till now the fool has not even given me the drinks he promised.
So you see, instead of wasting time and energy chasing spent forces, come and seek my endorsement. I am waiting.

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