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Yobo Preaches Violence Free Elections, Meets Igbo Community in Lagos

 The atmosphere was electrifying as a small crowd of select personalities from the various pro-Jonathan groups in Lagos representing different sectors of the Igbo community gathered at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Festac Town, Lagos. Ambassador of The Peoples Democratic Party Ward to Ward Initiative and former captain of the national team, Joseph Yobo had called for the gathering and offered to host them to a dinner.

Those present at the event included the co-ordinator of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, Prince Eke Obi, Executive Director TAN, Ifeanyi Ekwulugo, Dan Edokwe, ED, TAN, Mrs Uche Obiora, Women Leader, TAN,, Joseph Anurukem, Presidents of Enugu and Ebonyi States town unions, among others Yobo’s message was clear as he told them that being their in law (Yobo is married to an Igbo woman), he flew all the way from Abuja to meet and interact with them on issues of common good. As an ambassador of PDP Ward to Ward Initiative, Yobo did not hide his intentions – to woo every Igbo man and woman to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said this could only be achieved in a peaceful and convivial atmosphere, where there is no rancour. He therefore challenged Nigerians, particularly the youths to resist any attempt by those he described as desperate politicians to use them to foment trouble before, during and after the forthcoming presidential elections. “Nobody should allow those who want to cause trouble have their way.
The youths of this country must stand up and support what is good and say no to evil.” He added, “all Nigerian youths must work towards a free, fair and violence free elections. Those fanning the embers of war have taken their families abroad.

So, don’t be deceived.” Yobo, a self-confessed “strong supporter” of President Good luck Jonathan’s re-election bid said this when he hosted numerous Explaining the essence of the dinner which was attended by representatives of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), market women, traders unions, community development associations, youth organizations, among others, Yobo said he was in Lagos to see his ‘in-laws’ and convey the good wishes of the President to them for their support.
The former Everton star said his support for the President was total. “It is my personal conviction because I believe he is the best man to lead Nigeria. He has achieved so much despite the countless distractions, and he has promised to do more,” Yobo said. “When you hear the President speak, you hear facts, realities and achievements.”

Continuing, Yobo said President Goodluck Jonathan’s achievements have gone unsung.
“But they are there for all to see,” he retorted. He thanked members of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria and promised to be present with members of the PDP Ward to Ward Initiative at the mega rally planned for Lagos on Sunday.

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