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2015: the battle between Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Adeboye

 This election is beginning to look like a contest between these two great men of God. Between them they have the capacity to close down the Lagos Ibadan Expressway permanently. Their combined followership will almost eclipse the population of Africa, hence the rush by both candidates to seek their endorsement and support. I even hear that the fact that Osinbanjo was a top member of the Redeemed helped his emergence as the running mate to my General. These two people carry so much influence and should I say power. Me in my little shomolu have felt their massive influence in my life.

  The other day when I was caught looking out, my madam insisted that the only way I would be forgiven was if Pastor Adeboye personally called her. It’s Four years now, I am still sleeping on the couch and I have not been able to reach the gate of the Camp talk less of meeting him and asking him to intercede on my behalf.
So when I watched the video with President Jonathan worshiping with Bishop Oyedepo, I marveled and did not blame him. If you see the number of votes that will come his way after that spiritual endorsement you will understand why he went. Bishop will just make one pronouncement and there will be no argument everybody will line behind his candidate. Same with Redeemed on the other side. You see how we have mixed religion with politics. People are now voting according to which church you are attending.
So the February 14 election to me, will be a referendum on these powerful men of God. Which one is more powerful. The winner of the election will answer the question for us.

I have stopped going to church for sometime now but have been thinking which one to go to since things have been happening to me. I have been faced with all sort of spiritual problems, like my mother preferring my younger brother in Saudi Arabia as her favourite son, not meeting my target at work, getting bald and not being able to cure permanently my addiction to coca cola. So I have been advised to choose a church to attend and all sort of churches have been recommended including synagogue. But since I am not South African, that was no option.
I will make my decision after Feb 14 when the result comes out. If Jonathan wins, I will start going to Ota and if Buhari wins, then na me and go slow for redeemed camp. My fingers are crossed.

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