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Jonathan’s kinsmen to North: Stop attacking our son or face our wrath

Angered by reports of attacks on President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign train in the Northern part of the country, a prominent traditional ruler in Bayelsa State has warned the perpetrators to refrain from such act.

President Goodluck Jonathan

Chief Asara Asara, who holds the title of Obanema of Akipelai, Bayelsa State, warned in a statement in Abuja on Thursday that the Niger Delta people would no longer tolerate any attack on their son.

The traditional ruler said they felt betrayed by the action of the attackers from the north who they regarded as their traditional political allies and supporters.

Chief Asara recalled with regret that after the support graciously given by the Niger Delta people to their Northern allies in the first through second republics, they expected them to at least reciprocate the support to their son, Jonathan.

In the statement entitled, “Enough is enough”, Asara drew the attention of those hurling attacks on Jonathan to note that the Niger Delta region had the capacity to retaliate the series of attacks on Jonathan, as no part of the country had a monopoly of violence.

Asari said, “The Niger Delta people are angry because they feel betrayed and stabbed in the back. We, as well as other Nigerians that are conscious of the political history of our country are perplexed at the sad and unfortunate paradox that the campaign of hate, sabotage and aspersion has been coming only, and only from Arewa.

“What a pity. What a sad irony that, the arrow head of the vicious and venomous attacks on a son of the Niger Delta should be the sons of Arewa.

“After all the friendship, solidarity and sacrifices made by our forebears in support of their region in the First, through the Second Republics, the civil war and at other decisive and epochal moments in the Nigerian political history, common sense, good conscience and morality demand that, if Arewa does not feel obliged to show us good will and solidarity, it should at least, eschew the unfolding unabashed and crass demonstration of its seeming pathological contempt and disdain for our people.

“That is even, as we take solace in the fact that these unconscionable elements are motley insignificant political dwarfs, spent forces and charlatans who have lost relevance, respect or following in their own homes.”

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