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Abia 2015: Ukwa People declared total support for Ikpeazu and T.a Orji

Happened live at Central School Obehie Asa, Ukwa West LGA of the campaign. Chief Sam Wogu speaking unbehalf of the leaders of PDP Asa Chapter said Asa people are in support of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and they are obedient people because Asa is in the bible. Their support is unwavering and Asa votes are not for sale but for PDP . He also pleaded that the next senatorial ticket must come to them and also as oil producing area they should be given key and sensitive positions even up to minister as compensation to them. Meanwhile he promised that Asa people votes will not reduce but will be complete.
Dr Okezie Ikpeazu greeted the people and saluted their courage to wait and for coming out en masse to receive them stating this has shown that their leadership here is intact. He also said that the book of Chronicles is a book that made reference to the acts of Kings but will start by asking the people of Asa to please deliver with their votes for President Good luck Jonathan and Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe and pray Abia Central and Abia North delivers with their votes for Gov. T. A Orji (Ochendo) and Mao Ohabunwa. While on the 28h February deliever Okezuo Abia as Governor and Mezie Ukwa at the Abia House of Assembly with their votes. In conclusion he said "I accept the Legacy of Ochendo and I will run with that Legacy.
Gov T. A Orji welcomed the people and appraised chief Sam Wogu for his comments and said he is happy that Ukwa West are intact and are for PDP. He told the people for being patient, the bigger one awaits for them because they understand the importance of unity.
Lastly he told them to ensure they collect their PVC and vote for PDP and this is because a vote for PDP is a vote for peace and development.

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