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Jonathan accept the bitter truth,You will Loose this Election. By Promise Uzoma Okoro

An Igbo adage had it that" when the gods wants to kill someone, the gods will first make him mad". We are now in a Nigeria where if you dare submit a critical article based on National issues, once it opposes the leadersship of Jonathan people then tag you member of the APC.

In 2011 when Jonathan came on board to beg for our votes, all Nigerians voted him from Sokoto to Ogun, From Lagos to Rivers and from Kano to Enugu, it was the peoples mandate for mr.Jonathan. But what is happening today you will agree with me that Jonathan has not only failed Nigerians but has also failed his Generation. Mr. Jonathan has lost the peoples mandate, the majority of Nigerians ranging from good religious leaders has made it clear that Jonathan will be disgraced come next week General elections.

I must admit that Buhari is not the saint Nigerians needs now, but at this juncture he is the only available option, if a president after 6yrs cannot categorically point what he has done in Rivers and Bayelsa state. then he is unfit to remain the President of Nigeria.

When Obasanjo, a man that has ruled Nigerian as a military dictator told you point and black that you will be destroyed by those you appointed around you, many of your advicers deceived you to forget about that oldman from Ogun ,but right now I think it is very clear that you know it was a grave mistake you made to quarrel with Obasanjo.

Under you watch as the President of Nigeria, independent agencies of of Government like EFCC,ICPC,NOA,NIGERIA POLICE,NIGERIA MILITARY among others has been politicized. Efcc has died a natural death, Nigerian Police which by the interpretations of the laws of the Federal republic of Nigeria is meant to maintain law and order now does the work of the Judiciary, Under your watch the president,  the Inspector general of Police refused to recognize duely elected speaker of the House of representatives.

May I remind you that those who are deceiving  you by threatening wars should you loose the election will be the first to leave you behind. The greatest mistake you made was allowing your wife to speak on your behalf because Nigerians now see your wife as the President and not you. Under your watch mr. President,  a faction of the Nigerian Governors Forum that lost the election was given Presidential handshake, Under your watch mr.Jonathan 5 assembly lawmakers attempted to impeach a Governor in River state where the Assembly is made up of 32 members. Under your watch, a CBN governor who attempted to tell the truth was sacked for speaking up, your sins are fighting you already.

Every right thinking Nigerian will believe that the forces of history is what pushed Buhari to come out again in this 2015 after contesting in 2003,2007 and 2011 respectively. I do not support your desperation for power because it will not favour you.

First, INEC chairman you appointed who ought to be under your remote has lost loyalty for you, secondly the masses are no longer in support of you coming back to power because you cannot eat your cake and still have it back Mr.Jonathan. In 2011 you openly declared to the Northern leaders that you wont come back in 2015,why then are you here to bring disgrace to your state of Bayelsa as the first Nigerian President who was disgraced out of office.

The reason while Ibrahim Bangida don’t visit Saudi Arabia, which is the head of muslims in the world today was his betrayal of his core Northern fellows during the military era .I tell people that Jonathan is never a politician  but an Administrator because if Jonathan is a politician ,he would have known that you cannot do money business with a core Northerner .All now dawns on you ,the people are now against you, even the spirits has all turned against you.Oh had you know, you wouldn’t have handled Amaechi the way you did, because am sure that Amaechi would have been your strongest ally today in Nigeria, what ever APC can boast of Today was made possible through Amaechi.

The Northerners told you point and black that an attack on Amaechi was a direct attack to the North. Buhari is the Next President of Nigeria come May 29 2015,this is his last coming and it has a divine mandate, I know right in your hearts you wanted to step down on this election, but your enemies who paraded themselves as your friends deceived you to go ahead. Now look at the disgrace your are bringing to the South South, imagine a sitting President arguing with Opposition on campaign rallies? . Where it was expected that your projects would have spoken for you.

A country Obansanjo positioned very well is now a country where corrupt people now eat and dine with the President, it is a pitiable situation.

Now Council of state has ordered Inec to go Ahead with the election, I hope you can accept defeat because your kingdom has been conqured ,just look at your Vice President even in his home state, the people said it must be Buhari and not Jonathan. Your divine mandate will expire by May 29 2015 and am expecting you to return back to Otueke. The voice of the people is the voice of God, you have failed the nations.

The greatest enemy you have today is INEC chairman, you see how you have destroyed yourself? First he created Polling Units that favoured the North, Second he brought in machines which makes any voting to reflect on a particular Server,Thirdly he said the number of PVC collected  by the North exceeded that of the country in general, Fourthly he insisted he will never shift the elections, But this was a man Obasanjo warned you about? Mr. President you destroyed yourself by yourself.

The likes of Asari Dokubo Et al that are threatening war incase you loose next week, I want to tell you that they are no longer militants, Asari and his Co-horts now Live in a five star Hotels, they are afraid to Die. If you think they can help you am sorry to tell you that it is a mere dream Mr.Jonathan. You were warned by Spiritual and Military Leaders but you refused to listen,Now see what disobedience has landed you? I think after next week you will know what am talking about, welcome Home Mr.Jonathan.

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