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See Buhari’s Presidential Agenda In 2011(VIDEO)

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.), who was a presidential candidate of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in 2011, took part in a presidential debates 2011 organized by NN24, an international television station.President Goodluck Jonathan was expected to join the debates, however, didn’t show up reportedly because of his tight schedule.

Though, two other presidential candidates – Mallam Nuhu Ribadu of ACN and Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau of ANPP – were present.During the debates, the CPC presidential candidate listed his agenda for Nigeria. He covered such topics as corruption in governance, militants in Niger Delta, power generation issues and how he would operate as a democratic leader given his history.When the moderator of the debates, Kadaria Ahmed, asked Buhari how he would deal with issue of militants in Niger Delta, the candidate suggested to sit down with the Niger Delta leadership and discuss and critically examine the issue. SEE VIDEO

Moreover, Buhari said “we have to rehabilitate those younger men”, meaning that young people in Delta Nigeria prefer to earn 15,000$ a week and wear ammunition then go to school and pay for education.Speaking about resolving power sector issue in Nigeria, Buhari said if elected he would “see the problem on the groun” and compare how much were spent on power in 1999 (before Jonathan) and in 2011.

Buhari wanted to ‘investigate’ where the money spent on power (between 12 and 16billion dollars) went if people still have problems with uninterruptible power supplying.Speaking on the vexed issue of bogus take-home pay of our legislators, the former Head of State said if elected into office, he would persuade the lawmakers to see reason and to cut-down on their allowances so that the funds saved can be deployed into development projects that will serve the needs of the people.


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