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NIGERIA: Condom Prices To Drop Before Feb 14

The Federal Government led by President Goodluck Jonathan has shifted the Valentine’s Day celebration traditionally meant to be held on February 14 a week earlier due to the elections scheduled for next week.

This announcement was made by the Special Adviser to the President Rueben Abati who is deputising for the absent Minister of Information.

According to the Presidency, as ter receiving lots of complaints and pleas from many concerned individuals about the unfortunate timing of the elections, the president waa very concerned about the wishes of the populace, especially of the youths.

Hence, when his previous attempts to shift the date of the election to a latter date was misinterpreted as a means of devising ingenious mannerisms to manipulate the conduct of the election.
Therefore, the Valentine’s Day celebrations has been moved to the earlier date of February 7th which is exactly a week before the traditional date. Lovers are meant to have their normal unhindered fun on that day, while entertainers make their usual money.

The Presidency also ordered an emergency stock of Condoms from France via air for the new Valentine date.

According to Abati, the President ordered our merchants in france to import a huge stock of condoms into the country between today and Friday night, so that the Valentine celebration would be without regret.

The importation of condoms were with subsidy, hence there would be a drastic decrease in the price of Condoms for Valentines day.

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