NIGERIA: Buhari Alleges PDP Plot to Re-enact June 12 Scenario

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The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party of pursuing an agenda of truncating the February general elections the same way the military annulled the June12 presidential elction.

The camapign council observed the gathering of individuals, better dubbed – Association of Jonathan-organised National Conference Attendees – with the sole objective of truncating the general election, particularly the February 14 presidential poll, thus preventing an embarrassing shellacking for their benefactor, President Goodluck Jonathan.

The APC presidential campaign organisation said Buhari rejected and would continue to reject any suggestion, proposals or insinuation to postpone the February 14 presidential election by a single day.

“We do not entertain any iota of doubts in our minds that this current attempt to scuttle democracy is because of the impending defeat starring the ruling party in the face. The same individuals, who scuttled democracy through the instrumentality of the ABN (Association of Better Nigeria) are at their game again. They failed in the past and they will fail again.

The APCPCO said in a statement in Abuja yesterday signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the campaign, Garba Shehu, that it was more galling that one of these people, with a history of armed insurrection by way of attempted military putsch against a united Nigeria, had the effrontery to offer admonition against the conduct of election, as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution for the virility of the Nigerian state.

The APCPCO warned that it was possible for an undiscerning Nigerian to conflate the ostensible reasons of this group of unpatriotic zealots from their real motives.

“The ostensible reason of insecurity in some part of the country, though seemingly valid, pales into insignificance when put side by side with their real reasons. The fact of insecurity of lives and property, which has consigned a portion of the nation state to a ragtag insurgency group, is in itself, a huge indictment of the government in failing in its primary responsibility as contemplated in Section 14 of 1999 Constitution as amended,” Shehu said.

“Should a government that has shown such insouciance to the security and welfare of the people be compensated with longer duration than contemplated by the statute book? Of course, we are aware that these unpatriotic elements are doing this piece of execrable endeavour to rebuild their stomach infrastructure that had been pulled down after the cessation of free funding following the completion of the National conference!

“We have rightly observed that this is Nigeria’s season of anomie. All shades of ill-mannered and self-centered behaviour can be seen in once respected people. It is our hope that Nigerians shall not be swayed into believing them on account of their previous service.

“We want to call the attention of Nigerians and the international community to the repeated calls for the postponement of the forthcoming presidential election. We do not have any difficulty to discern that these groups are working out the script of some agents in the ruling party. We also want to call on the security agencies in the country to stop any further public parade by this outlawed group.

“Let us remind Nigerians that the power of our democracy has been tested in the past by this outlawed group during the June 12, 1993 presidential election and our democracy won and will win again. No person or any faceless group of corrupt individuals can stop an idea, which time has come. Nigerians made the call for a change in the country and the will of the people must prevail in February 14.

“Needless to say that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has shown its preparedness to conduct the February elections and very necessary for all Nigerian patriots to rally behind the electoral body in accomplishing the onerous task of delivering a good election!

“We hereby call on Nigerians to ignore the scare mongering of these elements and remain focused on the desired change that should see to the birth of a new Nation where no man is oppressed,” it said.

Meanwhile, Buhari has disclosed that the unity of the country is paramount to all well-meaning citizens, stating that all hands must be on deck to rescue the country from collapse.

Speaking in Kano yesterday at a town hall meeting with the organised private sector Buhari said: “The country will not disintegrate because of some few peoples’ sentiments.”

Buhari recalled how trade, inter-marriages have been the binding factors uniting this country, noting that the tie uniting the people of the country from the North to the South is strong enough to take Nigeria to right place among the comity of nations.

He frowned at the people he described as pessimists who are saying that Nigeria will disintegrate, saying that instead people having the negative notion they should work assiduously to bring the country to the right track.

Buhari said Nigerians are yearning for change, promising that the change can only be successful if the citizens obtain their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs), which can help them to vote out leaders that  are incapable to rule.

“I have been always appealing to the people  to come out and cast their vote to us and also to protect their vote and Iam always emphasising on this. My appeal to people is also to desist from any act of violence.”

He accused the present administration of incompetence, stating that something was wrong with the country because people were hiding their incompetence under the cover of religion.

Buhari said the APC government plans to provide over three million new jobs every year so as to alleviate unemployment, pledge also to revive the moribund industries that were renders dormant.

He said the APC government set its agenda to make the northern part of the country the food basket of Africa if elected to power so as to revive the agricultural development that is known for years in the North.

According to him, Nigeria will be trade hub of the world because of its economic strength, adding that the strength of the economy position in the country is enough for it to be on of the biggest economic country in the globe.

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