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CNPP: On February Polls We Stand

 The Conference for Political Parties (CNPP) has opposed the calls for the shift in the date of the February 14 election on the grounds that it could lead to unpleasant consequences.

In a resolution reached after a meeting in Abuja on Monday night, CNPP said, "'Whereas we agree that there is insecurity in some parts of the country and that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been less than proactive, until recently in the distribution of the Permanent Voters Card (PVC); however the postponement may lead to unintended consequences.”

In a statement issued on Tuesday, CNPP's  spokesman, Mr Osita Okechukwu, urged the President to listen to the candid appeal of patriotic Nigerians and allow the election to hold as scheduled.

"We appeal to President Goodluck Jonathan to, in the collective interest of our fledgling democracy, candidly appeal to the  anti-democrats and jesters in his camp, who pretend to be protecting his interest, but wittingly or unwittingly subverting our democracy to allow the February poll to hold.

“CNPP is of the candid view that some of the poll elongation elements do not mean well for the country and therefore Mr President should caution such subversive elements; for who told President Jonathan that he must win the election? Assuming he loses, he should thank Almighty God for ruling the country for six good years.”

“We also appeal to the justices  of our temple of justice, not to allow their sacred offices to be used to truncate our nascent democracy. For the anti-democratic tendencies of the infamous Association of Better Nigeria (ABN), which scuttled the June 12 election are at work. The judiciary must say no to them. No Nigerian wants a repeat of that sordid era.”

“The national consensus of Nigerians for regime change cannot be aborted because the advantages of regime change is multifaceted: it empowers the Nigerian voters, casts in stone the imperative that votes count and guarantees the social contract between the leaders and the led. Let the February poll hold,” it said.

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