NIGERIA: APC Sued Over Use Of “Sai Buhari” Slogan

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These are definitely not the best of times for the All Progressive Congress (APC) and its Presidential Flag bearer, General Muhammadu Buhari

After a tumultuous week – which began with filing a lawsuit against several Local News Outlets for airing a libelous Documentary about his past stint as Head of State, and culminated in nationwide outcry over his refusal to debate on another platform yet again – it seems General Buhari will now have to contend with problems from outside Nigeria’s shores.

This is because, according to information reaching our desk this morning, Korean Megastar Musician, PSY, famous for his hit song GANGNAM STYLE (which was the first song to reach 1 billion views on YouTube), has allegedly dragged the APC Presidential Flag Bearer and his campaign team to the Hague for apparent Copyright infringement.

In the suite filed at the International Court of Justice at about 1330hrs GMT yesterday, Korean Megastar PSY alleged that the APC’s usage of the Campaign Slogan #SaiBuhari was illegal, as he alone owned the copyrights to the word PSY and any homonyms of the word, no matter the spelling, including PSAI, S-HIGH, and most notably, SAI.

We were able to reach the Asian Superstar on the phone for comments, and this is what he had to say

“After Gangnam Style brew up, I tell rawyer, rawyer, this song is so popurar, and my name now so popurar, what we do? Rawyer say, we trademark name, we copyright name and all name that sound like name. So I go Patent Office in Seoul and copyright own name of PSY and also all word that sound like PSY, like PSAI and SAI too. I have pape to prove this. The Patent number is 766K-12. So I so shock when I put on terevision and I see Old man wear toga and cap, carry broom and make crowd shout my name SAI BUHARI! SAI BUHARI! SAI BUHARI! I no believe own ear of Psy”

“I like, who this man? Why he use PSY name no take permission! This disprease Psy! I call rawyer and he say we go to court. I like, which court we go? He say we no go rocal Korea court, we go International Court. Now we court. ICJ say Mr Buhari must come court or erse he go prison for rong rong time. This what PSY do”.

We have tried to reach the APC for comments, but so far ou efforts hasve been fruitless. In the meantime, General Buhari, APC Chairman Chief John Oyegun, and all the APC Big Wigs on twitter have been issued Writ of Summons to appear before the ICJ on or before the 11th of February, or risk Grave sanctions.

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