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President Jonathan lied to Nigeria, says Saraki

Senator Saraki

ILORIN-Chairman, Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, Dr. Bukola Saraki disclosed yesterday that President Goodluck Jonathan lied during last monnday campaign to kwara that his administration was responsible for funding a multi-million naira dam in Malete, Moro local government area of the state.

Jonathan had during his campaign visit to Ilorin, the state capital, mentioned the project as one of the contributions of his administration to the state.

Similarly,Minister of National Palnning, Dr. Sulaiman Abubaka had also at a meeting with newsmen later in the day listed the dam project as one of the various projects sponsored by the federal government in the state.

Malete,in Moro local government was where Senato‎r Bukola Saraki located the Kwara state university while he was the governor hence to him,it was a pay back time.

‎The fomer governor and APC leader in the state had insisted that the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan has not done anything for Kwara in six years.

Saraki, while addressing supporters of the All Progressive Congress (APC) at Malete yesterday hinted that funding for the said Dam project was from the constituency allowance of federal lawmakers from the state with the exception of Senator Simon Ajibola whom he claimed refused to contribute to the project.

Vanguard reliably gathered that Saraki from Kwara central and senator Sha’ba Lafiagi from Kwara north contributed N125 million each while each of the six members of the House of Representatives contributed N62.5 million into the project.

His words, “I was amused the other day when President Jonathan came to Ilorin and he said they have given you dam in Malete. I laughed because I know that money for that project was from our constituency project. Each of us who are senators was supposed to contribute our constituency allowance just like the House of Reps members.

“We held a meeting, nine of us from the state on the project but senator Ajibola refused to put down his own money. He never foresaw that he would one day need you but today he is coming to ask you to vote him as governor. Would you vote for someone who refused to contribute to your wellbeing; a project that is meant to provide water for your community and the entire local government?”

The senator harped that it was his administration that brought the state university, KWASU, to the community because of his love for the residents and which has brought tremendous transformation to the area.

He urged the people to reciprocate his good gestures to them and vote for all the APC candidates and assured them of more presence of federal government projects under the incoming administration of General Muhammadu Buhari.

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