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‘Why Nigerians Should Believe in Jonathan, Vote for Him in 2015’

 Devout supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan under the umbrella of Goodluck Good Governance Group (G4) have called on all Nigerians to believe in the promises and the ‘good works’ of the president  and vote massively for him in the next presidential election.

The group said Jonathan would be done great injustice if Nigerians only want to vote for him based on sentiment and not on his “incredible performance,” adding that the president should be judged strictly on his track record of achievements since he became the political leader of Nigeria in 2010.

The Convener of the G4, Mr. Femi Ajayi, who passionately pleaded with Nigerians to vote ‘wisely for Jonathan, stated this at a People Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholders’ meeting in Lagos at the weekend.

Ajayi decried that some Nigerians tend to over look the “great success” recorded by President Jonathan’s administration adding that: “He has proved to be a role model for democracy and good governance since he became president of Nigeria. His respect for and upholding of human rights and fundamental freedoms have been unprecedented among Nigerian heads of state. He has also shown deference for the rule of law, respect for court judgements and facilitated free and fair elections.

“This administration has done more on our roads than any other government. Take a look at the Benin-Lagos road, what about the railway sector which has finally come back to life? The federal government has released billions of naira for the improvement of services and facilities in hospitals. This government has brought back the mother and child care service also. These are great work by Jonathan.”

The G4 convener who is also the Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), while highlighting Jonathan’s achievement, said: “Aside from these intangible but crucial benefits of democracy, Jonathan has made giant strides in sustaining development as visible in regular and stable fuel supply, power sector reforms, transport sector transformation (road construction and railway rehabilitation) and agriculture revolution.

“Power has been moved from public to private sector, the government needs to improve the quantity of power even as power supply has increase. Many Nigerians have testified that power supply has increased and power has improved.”                                     

However, Ajayi who urged PDP supporters sustain the drive to see the party through in the next election, called on Nigerians to focus on what President Jonathan has done towards youth empowerment and employment since he assumed the presidency in year 2011.

According to him, “Through making (PTDF) more functional, efficient and cost-effective, the president has been able to accelerate youth empowerment in the community. Aside from increasing access of youths to tertiary education through establishment of nine full-fledged federal universities within 18 months, the president has been the brain behind the following:  Special skill acquisition and enhancement programmes such as helicopter and fixed-wing pilot training, trained many graduates in Advance Welding and Underwater Welding in Marseille, France, the first ever of such training carried out by Nigeria.

“The federal government has equally trained 1,700 graduates in Engineering Design programme, 15 graduates in Drilling Engineering in  France, as well as 1, 220 under the Welding Trading Certification Programme in collaboration with International Institute of Welding (IIW) in order to become certified welder qualified anywhere in the world.”

G4 also explained that in addition, , President  Jonathan’s power sector reforms, industrialisation  drive, agriculture revolution and transport sector transformation are geared towards an enabling  environment for job creation and generation of empowerment  opportunities. From all indications, on the score of his youth empowerment schemes alone, the President deserves the votes of all progress-loving youths in Nigeria. Therefore, let’s sustain these developmental strides by voting en mass for him in the presidential election as well as other PDP candidates.”

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