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Adeola: PDP Cannot Develop Nigeria

The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts and All Progressives Congress (APC), senatorial candidate for Lagos West, Hon. Solomon Adeola, has said that the People’s Democratic Party failed as the government at centre to develop Nigeria I the last 16years. Addressing a town hall meeting of stakeholders at Ifako- Ijaiye as part of his campaign,

Adeola said with the federal government receiving over 52 per cent of all revenues among the three tiers of government, it has failed to develop any sector of the economy in any meaningful way under PDP adding that the result is what we are witnessing today with an economy in doldrums, massive unemployment, dilapidated infrastructures and epileptic power supply.

“The PDP led federal government spends about 72 per cent of its revenue on recurrent expenditure and between 26 per cent -28 per cent on capital budget. That is why they are not developing Nigeria. In Lagos we are spending only 45 per cent on recurrent while 55 per cent is spent on capital projects. That is why work is going on in all sectors like roads, schools, hospitals among other infrastructure” he said.

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