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A vote for Buhari will be a vote for autocracy – Igbo Leaders

buhariThe Igbo Leaders of Thought, on Friday in Enugu urged the people of the South-East to cast their votes for President Goodluck Jonathan.The group warned against giving any support to Buhari, who they said would be an autocratic leader.This is also as the Professor Ben Nwabueze led group warned that any shift in the date of the forthcoming elections would be tragic and catastrophic.

In a communiqué read by the Secretary Prof. Elo Amucheazi, the Igbo leaders declared that the best interest of Ndigbo would be better served by Igbo’s supporting the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in the February 14th election.They pointed out that in choosing between the two foremost presidential candidates, the Igbo’s recognized that the choice was between “the supremacy of Sharia Law and supremacy of the Nigerian Constitution.

“Between constitution dictatorship and constitutional democracy; between rule of the oligarchy of retired Generals and constitutional government.”The group claimed that the APC candidate Gen. Muhamadu Buhari had clearly and unequivocally stated in public that he was committed to implementing Sharia law all over the country.

“His background as a former member of the military, reared in the regimented tradition of giving of orders and unquestioning obedience of such orders as well as his antecedent as former Head of the federal military government inclines and acclimatizes him to absolutism and autocracy with the danger it poses, to the emergence of a constitutional dictatorship if elected.

“We are fully aware that Jonathan’s Administration has not seriously addressed the core promises and commitments made to Ndigbo during the 2011 election campaign. Inspite of this, it is in the best interest of our people that he be re-elected”, they stated.

Earlier while addressing journalists at the end of the meeting, chairman of the body Prof. Nwabueze said “electon must not be postponed; anybody postponing the election at this time will be making a terrible mistake.“Our position here is that it will be tragedy, catastrophe to postpone the elections. So whatever the odds the elections must take place and the only body competent to postpone or not is INEC and Jega has said made it very clear that there is no question of postponement. And we stand by that. We will not support any shift at all”.

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