Certificate saga can’t stop Buhari’s ambition or else — Solomon

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As controversy continues to surround the certificates and qualification of the All Progressives Congress’ standard-bearer, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, the Public Relations Officer, APC-Diaspora, Canada Chapter, Mr. Jerry Solomon, said the certificate saga won’t stop the General’s ambition and mission come February 14.

What is your taketo the recent certificate saga of the APC Presidential candidate, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, and don’t you think it will affect his ambition?

It is impossible for the calibre of General Buhari, with his personality and worldwide reputation for honesty and integrity to lay claim to qualifications he does not have.

There is no how the certificate saga can affect the ambition of Gen Buhari. Nigerians want a leader that can take them out of the current ditch the PDP administration plunged them into. The record of performance of Gen Buhari as the Head of State and chairman Petroleum Trust Fund is convincing that he’s the right person for the job and Nigerians are in cognizance of that.

INEC recently said there may be no election in the troubled North-East of Nigeria but will ensure Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) were allowed to vote, do you think as Diaspora Nigerians it is healthy for the 2015 elections?

It is the constitutional right of all Nigerians to be able to vote and be voted for. Government has to put all apparatus required in place to ensure no citizen is disenfranchised of their constitutional right. It is actually unhealthy if certain group are not allowed to vote.

With grave security concerns in the country don’t you think the 2015 elections should be postponed?

I think that is the more reason the election should be conducted. The whole world knows that the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan is not serious about fighting the insurgency.

Despite the huge amount expended by his administration on the defence, the officers blame their inefficiency in combating the terror group on lack of proper weapon which was confirm by the United State military and the Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis.

Nigeria needs a leader that will sincerely take the insurgency Heads-on. Gen Buhari has done it before and can surely do it again. He defended Nigeria against the attack of Chad republic and the Maitatsine terror group.

Election should be conducted and hopefully President Jonathan will be voted out and Nigeria can begin to gather herself together.

What are Diaspora Nigerians doing to support INEC to conduct credible and accepted elections in Nigeria?

The current administration is not making use of the enormous resources available in Nigerians in Diaspora as a result a lot of people in that category is watching the developments in Nigeria from the distance. However, we are reaching out to the electorates, enlightening them on the importance of peaceful conduct during and after election. We are educating them on the need to go out to vote and ensure their votes count. We are hoping the INEC, under the leadership of professor Attahiru Jega will play their part.

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