2million Nigerians now commute by water every month in Lagos — LASWA

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Despite the increased boat mishaps that occurred in the country last year, no fewer than two million people now commute through the waterways in Lagos on a monthly basis.

Data sourced from the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA), put the figure at 1.902,631 as at the month of December 2014.

Although, there was a fluctuation in the figure during the year, the number increased in the month of December..

The increase in the patronage of the use of waterways for transportation in Lagos has been attributed to the improved regulation governing the use of the waterway.

A breakdown of the figure showed that 1,798.343 used the waterways in January, while 1,794,421 was recorded in February.

For March and April, 1,794.848, 1,789,212 was recorded respectively.

While the month of May recorded1,790,899, 1,788,315 was recorded in the month of June.

While 1,787,478 was recorded in July, 1,788,487 was also recorded in the month of August as against 1, 788,036 and in September a total of 1,788,036.

1,879,098, 1,867,045 and 1,902,631 were recorded for the months of October, November and December.

The authority according to its Managing Director, Mr. Yinka Marinho said that LASWA will stop the campaign on safety on the waterways in Lagos.

He explained that the more commuters obey the law regulating waterways transport, the less accident will occur.

“The life jacket is meant to save lives when an accident occurs but Lagosians do not like wearing the life saving vest.

“We will continue to enforce the use of life vest until the message we are trying to pass sinks in

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