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Adewale: My Election is a Done Deal

 Senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for Lagos West, Hon. Segun Adewale said his election is already won and lost. He spoke to Akinwunmi Ibrahim. Excerpts:

What are your expectations on the election considering the fact that you are slugging it out with a strong party?
2015 is a done deal. The election is won already. If you look at the background – campaign ground, people here are interested in changing the ‘changer' and ready to ensure Jonathan returns for a second term.

I see no reason why Jonathan should not come back. We are going to win in the South-west, South- east, South-south and in the middle belt. For the core North it is likely to be 50/50 chances or 60/40.

It is alleged that Jonathan is a failure and that the people should be ready to vote him out of Aso rock?
That Jonathan is not performing is mere propaganda by the APC. That is their trade mark, and what they go about saying. Nigeria is a complex nation. You cannot have a president that will satisfy everyone. To me, he has performed and deserves a second term.

You have been contesting against Hon. Olamilekan Adeola and you been losing each time; do you see yourself winning this time?
I won the election in 2011 with total score of 128,000 votes as against Olamilekan 56,000 votes. The winner was never declared until the third day. I went to court to challenge the outcome but the case was adjourned indefinitely. But in 2015, it is not going to be business as usual because the people are ready to vote PDP in Lagos as you can see, they (APC) have performed reasonably well in Ikeja though left other zones in Lagos West undone.

For your knowledge, I’m not competing against Olamilekan, the contest is between me and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Aregbesola, Olamilekan is not an issue. He has done nothing and he is not known in his community. I defeated him in his area in 2011.  What they (ACN/APC) normally do is influence INEC, get the police and the judiciary to do their bidding. It should be recalled that after it dawned on them that I had won the 2011 election, Aregbesola came from Osun State with Mobile Police officers to the collating centre at Ikotun to ensure things go their way.

You earlier said APC influences the INEC, Judiciary and the force, does this not sound a bit ridiculous considering they are all under the federal government?

We are talking about money here and what everyone wants is money. Except our mentality change towards it and see the need to develop this country together. On any little thing they blame the president but the truth is we need to search ourselves and do the right thing. So, winning this time is not going to be difficult. Ask APC why they are afraid of e-voting? They are just shouting 'change' ‘change'!

What will you be doing differently if elected?
My emphasis will be to educate the elites on the need to get involved in politics and governance of this country. Take for instance, the APC prefers to have more illiterates to engage in politics than the elites because the illiterate have no gut to challenge their leaders and with this attitude Nigeria cannot develop.

Also at the senate, I’m going to ensure there is a law to compel everyone above 18 to have voter's card. In the UK, it is a crime if you attain the age 18 and you don't have a voter's card. More so, I will push for continual registration of voters with the INEC instead of having it done every four years. Getting a driver's license should not take longer than necessary all these need be done in two – three days. This is a technology driven era and it is high time Nigeria moved with the tide. Why can't we register with INEC and get our PVC same day or the next day. All these delays are not excusable. These and many more disturb me and i will surely push hard to ensure things are done the way they should.

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