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“APC Paid for Crowd to Attend Their Campaign Rallies” – Doyin OKUPE

One of the foremost controversial and daring speakers in Nigeria has once again resorted to airing his views concerning the recent happenings in Nigeria concerning the up and coming elections in February.

He has purportedly claimed that APC buys crowds for their rallies and guess who said so?… yes you are correct – Doyin Okupe has once again spoken.

In a recent interview he granted news men (as usual), Doyin Okupe has reacted to the crowd surge at APC rallies and has attributed it to the fact that the crowd is being paid to attend their rallies.

In his statement, he justifies his position by saying that even the APC rallies that are conducted on a week day (working day) has so many attendants and so-called supporters.

He also went further to say if you count the number of people present at the Kano rally for instance; they were more than the population of Kano itself in the records of the National Population Census.

While giving his talk, Doyin Okupe seized the opportunity to also campaign for PDP and encouraged all Nigerians to vote in continuity claiming that a better Nigeria awaits us all especially considering the recent happenings in the oil sector: fuel is now 87naira per liter.

When FNN asked what that has got to do with anything, he replied and said “It has everything to do with it because with the heat of the elections coming, we still have a President that is holding official meetings and attending to the problems of the masses instead of moving up and down the country claiming to be campaigning. The 2015 elections are yet to be conducted but we all already know the winner”

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