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Scientific Breakthrough At Otta Farms As 700 Chickens Lay Boiled Eggs

History has been made. Science has been turned on its head. Agriculturists have been confounded. Even some Chickens shed all their feathers out of sheer shock following the incident.

All this happened, after 700 Hens at the famous Otta Farms in Ogun State laid HARD BOILED EGGS.

Scientists have no idea how on earth this happened, but some have blamed this unfathomable phenomenon on the Harsh Sunlight the country has been experiencing of late.

This theory was further corroborated after a Chicken in Sokoto was said to have laid scrambled eggs, but it unfortunately died during childbirth.

Otta Farm owner, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo has been livid since hearing the news that his chickens gave birth to boiled eggs, and has asked the Nation to pile the blame (as Usual) on President Goodluck Jonathan.

In an interview with our correspondent, he said:
“Osone Layer caused my fowl to lay boiled egg? Osone? What is Osone Layer? Is Osone layer not cinema? How did cinema make my fowl to lay Boil egg, s’ogbo? I say its Goodluck’s fault! Beeni! (coughs) Since he take over, only Badluck, Badluck. No Fuel, Boko Haram, he doesn’t respect me again, and his wife, Payshay, always disturbing us with Rubbish Grammar. Fellow Nigerians, enough is enough o! We must fight back o!”

Meanwhile, Lagosians have asked Fashola to do something about the sun or they will embark on a 1-week stay at home strike, While Goodluck Jonathan has set up a Committee to confirm if ‘Osone’ is a really Layer or just a Cinema.

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