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NIGERIA: “No Rice For Anyone In Ekiti Who Supports Buhari” – Gov Ayo Fayose

Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti has been talking tough ever since the campaign rally of APC Presidential Aspirant, General Muhammadu Buhari, in Ado Ekiti. Despite projections by his advisors that the turnout for the APC Rally would be poor, Gov. Fayose was stunned when throngs of people flooded to streets of Ekiti to Welcome the General.

In a bid to buck this trend, Gov. Fayose has threatened to withhold the usual Rice gifts he offers during Elections from anyone seen supporting The APC.

In a statement released by his spokesperson yesterday the Governor said

“This is a PDP state, not an APC state. We shall not tolerate anyone threatening the peace and unity of this state by waving Brooms on our streets or shouting Sai Buhari or Sai anything. On this note, I declare that every citizen of Ekiti state over 18 years of age is entitled to 24 cups of Rice, which can be collected from today till Febuary 14 at any LG office.”

“However, your rice will only be made available to you after showing your PDP registration form or ID Card. If you are identified as a supporter of APC, or as one of the people who trooped out so disgracefully in Ado-Ekiti to support General Buhari, you will be denied Rice, as well as anything entitled to the people”

“A Word is enough for the wise”.

Reactions to the development have been mixed, some calling it a brilliant idea and others calling it inhuman and a violation of Human Rights, but nonetheless, Lorries filled with bags of rice were seen entering Ekiti by our correspondent, late last night.

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