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Minister: Buhari’s Election Will Rob the North of Two Terms

 The Minister of State for Power, Hon. Mohammed Wakil, has called on the people of the North not to settle for a General Muhammadu Buhari’s single tenure administration, insisting that if they wait till 2019, the people of the region would be guaranteed a two-term uninterrupted reign.

He said a vote for Buhari is a sure signal that the North will only have four years at the helm, adding that “the North will lose the opportunity of having a two-term at the presidency unless the zone backs the re- election of President Goodluck Jonathan.”

Addressing youth and women leaders after the successful campaign rally for Mr. President in Maiduguri, the minister alerted the people of the North that Buhari had promised to serve for only one term, warning that a vote for Buhari is a vote for return of presidency to South-west in 2019.

According to Wakil,”Instead of voting for a man who will short-change the North and deny it of a two-term presidency, we beleive it is in the best interest of the North to support President Jonathan.

“Buhari said he will serve only one term if elected. So Pastor Osinbajo will take over in 2019. The North should allow President Jonathan to complete a new term in 2019, so that the North can rule till 2027.”

“We must be careful not to fall prey to sinister plot to keep the North down politically. If the grouse of some people is for a return of power to the North, why must we vote ourselves into a single term trap?” he asked.

Wakil, who charged the youth and women to go on a house to house campaign for the president,  said Arewa voters should back Jonathan for normalisation of political crisis rocking the northern region.

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