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Group Set to Premiere Dance of Vipers

 A group, Students in Nigeria Re-awakening Initiative (STINRI) has said it was set to premier a movie titled “Dance of Vipers”, to expose the evils of terrorism in the country which it said mirrored the present-day Nigerian society.

Mr Nathan Oguwike, Chairman, Board of Trustees of STINRI, who also doubles as the screenplay writer of the movie, disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja.

He stated that the movie would portray the unattractiveness of the evils of terrorism, which is entirely a work in fiction that will help dissuade youths from joining or being used as political thugs, assassins, armed robbers and so on.

He said the sole message of the movie was that Nigerians must resist any attempt by any group or individual who seeks to use intimidation as a means of gaining power. He said such a development would be a bad omen for the political culture and future of the Nigerian-state.
According to Oguwike, “it is a project anchored on strategic and responsible students’ participation in nation building.

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