Olejeme to Nigerians: Don’t be deceived

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will make Nigeria prosperous, says Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja Friday, Olejeme commended Mr. President for expanding the country’s infrastructure, developing agriculture, generating employment and advancing the cause of education.

She advised Nigerians at home and abroad not to be carried away by the noise of some presidential candidates.

“If you desire something better, you have to vote for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. He will continue to work for the development of the country, make our economy buoyant, create more jobs, reduce unemployment and social tension, sanitize the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry and attract massive inflow of foreign investments through appropriate policies and a conducive environment”

Olejeme who affirmed her support for Jonathan quest to continue as president of the country, said the PDP presidential candidate will continue to encourage gender empowerment in his appointments.

 “Mr. President is the servant of the people. He will never forget that. He will continue to act in the national interest. He will continue to ensure the security of persons, property and investments in our territory. He will continue to empower the security agencies to stem the scourge of terrorism in our country. He will continue to make the difference in the politics and development of the country” she said.

Drawing inspiration from the good governance model of Dr. Jonathan, Olejeme said Mr. President’s second term will go beyond providing critical infrastructure.

“President Goodluck Jonathan will ensure social justice and good governance in the country. He will promote economic development; help the masses develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, make the development process more accountable, transparent and participatory as well as provide conducive atmosphere for local and foreign investors” Olejeme said.

She appealed to all Nigerians, irrespective of sex, religion, ethnic origin, political affiliation or social status to join hands in the work ahead to make Nigeria peaceful and prosperous by voting for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the fourth coming presidential election.

In a related development, Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme on Friday recalled the efforts of the present administration at keeping youths off the streets and getting them positively engaged, saying the agency employed over seven thousand Nigerians in the last few months.

“The NSITF embarked on massive recruitment of workers and many of the newly recruited workers were sent for capacity building courses locally and internationally” she said.

In a statement in Abuja, Olejeme said NSITF also paid millions to workers who sustained work place injuries.

 “At the moment, cases of industrial accidents are being treated as they are reported in full compliance with the provisions of the Act and to the satisfaction of the stakeholders” the statement said.

 “Since the new Employees Compensation Act (ECA) became operational, the NSITF, which has almost gone into extinction with the introduction of the contributory pension scheme, has come to life. And with its new mandate to provide this very important social security scheme to Nigerians, the fund has taken a new look in terms of structure, functions and workforce; while its financial base has tremendously improved” she said.

Stressing the issue of social security for the elderly, unemployed and physically challenged, Olejeme said the process of putting in place the necessary infrastructure to implement Social Security benefit has commenced. 

“The NSITF has put in place the necessary infrastructure to ensure the collection of data of all the categories of those entitled to Social Security Benefit” the statement added.

By Njamanze Fidel

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