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Kuffour Heads ECOWAS 250-man Observation Team to Nigeria’s Polls

 Former President of Ghana, Mr. John Kuffour, is heading the 250-member Election Observation Mission (EOM) of ECOWAS for Nigeria’s 2015 general election on February 14.

This EOM, which is one of the largest foreign observer missions being deployed to Nigeria, would arrive February 10, and would be preceded by a 12-member Long-Term Election Observation Mission (LTEOM), whose members will be deployed from January 22 to February 18 2015.

ECOWAS in a statement issued yesterday noted that  elections are taking place under heightened international interest and security concerns, especially in the North-eastern part of Nigeria.

“While the short-term mission will concentrate on the regular observation of the electoral process, before, during and the post-election period, the LTEOM will serve as a rapid response mechanism for emergencies and contribute to the prevention and management of election related conflicts,” the statement read.

The members would provide credible real-time analysis and substantial recommendations and also help to create an atmosphere of public trust as well as  encourage citizen participation, it added.

“The LTEOM team comprises an election specialist, who would be responsible for liaison with electoral authority and assessing the work of the Electoral Management Body (EMB) in relation to regional principles governing democratic elections; a political legal specialist with a deep knowledge of the constitutional and legal framework governing the elections, and media specialists who would be responsible for coordinating relations between the press and the mission,” it added.

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