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A terrible accident at UNIZIK Junction Awka.

Awka AccidentA trailer losses control and runs into numerous vehicles but the worst situation was with a tricycle (keke napep) which became a wage to the trailer after it had climbed and crushed it (keke) out of shape… Glory to God that the only death recorded was the keke napep driver whose head was cut off and bruised head to toe. Other victims were rushed to hospital by volunteer commuters because there were no security or emergency service personnel.

However, an aggrieved mob rushed into the scene, captures the driver and his colleague who were already on their heels…it took special intervention from some good citizens who were able to dislodge them (mob) from lynching the culprits as some were already screaming "kill them" and others were gathering used tires and other things needed to set them ablaze.

What freaked me most was a lamentation by someone in the crowd who cried out Why the government of Anambra state awarded three flyovers along the express including at irrelevant locations but leaving that junction (Unizik Junction ) where many lives has been lost over the years… In fact, that gave me great concern because I as a person know that Unizik Junction is known for such.

It's rare to hear of such accidents at Aroma, Kwata and Amawbia junctions. Same Junction which is the busiest along the Enugu-Onitsha Express Way in Awka and was the scene of the bloody accident that cleared a commercial bus loaded with students going to write their jamb exam last year.

Efforts were made by previous administrations in the state towards curbing the menace by erecting the pedestrian bridge there but the masses have cried out that the bridge is not best considering the location.

Moreover, the long distance of traveling to kwata or Aroma to make a U-turn is yet another challenge faced by the people driving out of the Author Eze and Oby Okoli avenues… The incessant brake failure experienced at that Junction has also been blamed on the land topography as the distance from Aroma is obviously descending from a hill to meet the usual traffic at Unizik Junction. It's however pertinent that the government consider fixing a flyover there to help save lives because no one knows when and who is next.


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