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Execution: Group Urges FG to Recall Ambassador from Indonesia

 A civil society group, the Human Rights Agenda Network (HRAN) has criticised  the execution of two Nigerian citizens, Solomon Okafor and Daniel Enemuo, on 18th January, 2015 for drug-related offences in Indonesia.

HRAN called on the Nigerian Government to emulate their counterparts, Brazil and Netherlands, and recall the Nigerian Ambassadors to Indonesia.

The Indonesian Government executed six people convicted of drug offences including foreigners who were from Nigeria, Brazil, the Netherlands, Vietnam, and Malawi.

The executions mark the first time capital punishment has been carried out under the new president, Joko Widodo, who took office in October 2014.

He signed off the execution last month and pledged no clemency for drug offenders, despite pleas from the European Union, the Brazilian government and Amnesty International.

It is understood that twelve more Nigerians are currently on death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking offences.

In a statement signed by HRAN Chair, Chino Obiagwu, the group called  on the Indonesian government to halt the pending executions of Nigerian citizens.It also urged the Nigerian Government to hasten the Prisoners Transfer Agreement with the Indonesian Government to enable the Nigerian death row inmates in Indonesia to serve their prison term in their home country.

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