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How brave victim killed bank robber who tried to rob him of N900K in Oyo

AN attempt by a two-man robbery gang to dispossess a bank customer of N900,000 ended tragically for one of them as he was crushed by their victim’s vehicle.Crime Reports learnt that one Alhaji (name withheld) recently went to a bank at Iwo Road area of Ibadan, Oyo State to withdraw the cash, after which he drove out of the bank premises in his Nissan Pathfinder Sport Utility Vehicle.

Unknown to him, he had been sighted by the two armed robbers who had mounted surveillance around the bank, in search of victims. It was further gathered that the two armed gang members immediately followed the Alhaji on their operational motorcycle. On getting to Alakia area of the city, it was reliably gathered, the hoodlums blocked the Pathfinder with their motorcycle, drew a gun and shot at their victim’s leg, demanding for the money he just withdrew from the bank.

Shocked by the unexpected confrontation, Alhaji was reported to have fumbled to retrieve the money from where he kept it, but the armed robbers who felt he was deliberately using delay tactics to outwit them shot him the second time.

This was said to have discomfited the man who engaged the reverse gear and pressed hard on the throttle. In the process, one of the armed robbers was hit and he died instantly. Seeing that his partner in crime had been brought down, the other robber was reported to have fled. The Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Kolawole Shodipo, told Crime Reports that an English Beretta pistol with four rounds of 0.9mm ammunition, among other items, was recovered from the dead armed robber.

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