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With 5.8m Registered Persons, Lagos Tops States with Eligible Voters

Details of the voters’ register released Tuesday by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) showed that Lagos State has the highest number of registered voters with 5,822,207 found eligible out of the 68,833,476 registered voters.
Lagos State is followed by Kano State with a total number of 4,975,701 registered voters.

According to details exclusively obtained by THISDAY, Kaduna State has a total number of 3,407,222 registered voters; followed by Rivers State which has 2,537,590 registered voters.

The state-by-state final figures of the registered voters showed that Abia State has 1,396,162 registered voters, Adamawa State has 1,559,012, Akwa Ibom State has 1,680,759, while Anambra State has 1,963,173.

As the number of registered voters in Bauchi State is 2,054,125, Bayelsa State has the least with 610,373 voters registered, while Benue State has 2,015,452, just as Borno State has 1,934,079 voters.  Cross River State has 11,756,23 registered voters, while Delta State has 2,275,264.

In Ebonyi State, the figure is 1,074,273, while Edo State has 1,779,738 registered voters.
Ekiti State has 732,021, while Enugu State’s figure is 1,429,221, just as the Federal Capital Territory has 881,472 voters.
The breakdown of the voting public showed further that Gombe State has 1,120,023 voters; Imo State, 1,803,030; Jigawa State, 1,831,276; Katsina State, 2,827,943; and Kebbi State, 1,470,648.  Kogi State has 1,350,883 voters, while Kwara State has 1,142,267.

The number of registered voters in Nasarawa State is 1,242,667; Niger State — 2,014,317; Ogun State — 1,829,534; Ondo State — 1,524,655; and Osun State — 1,407107. Oyo State has 2,415,825 registered voters, Plateau State has 2,001,825, and Sokoto State has 1,611,929.

In Taraba State, 1,340,652 voters registered; Yobe State, 1,099,970, while Zamfara State has 1,495,717 voters.

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