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Agbaje: APC Government Has not Benefitted Lagosians

 The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has noted that most of the policies carried out by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State could have been better implemented to really meet the needs of Lagosians.

Agbaje, who spoke with journalists in a chat on Tuesday in Lagos, said though the APC-led government in Lagos State had recorded some successes in governance, his administration would work rigorously to ensure better living conditions for Lagosians, if he is elected.

“Though some good things have happened in Lagos; the GDP has grown about four times and the IGR has grown from N10bn in 1999 to nearly N400bn. But what has been the other side? Our borrowing has also increased and the burden of multiplicity of tax has been a burden on the people, but how much has government really done to improve the social condition of the people?

“May be the BRT meant to make transportation easier but while the concept was good, can you say the implementation has been the best? So you can’t say the people have benefitted. How can we say the government has impacted on the generality of people? We can’t say in the last eight years the government has been a progressive government in terms of health, education and welfare of the people.

“Waste disposal is better than before – Lagos metropolis is cleaner but how many of us have water running in their pipes at home? So the people have not seen the benefit of the social aspect of this government,” he stated.

While he said his government would pay considerable attention to security, health and education, the PDP governorship hopeful said: “We want to have a Lagos that is populated by educated, highly skilled and people living in prosperous places in the state. No society can develop where security, health and education are not correct.

“I’m bringing about development. We are talking bold ideas. So, in terms of education, we are saying we don’t want to continue to produce mediocre. The 14 per cent of the budget being spent on education is not enough. At a time, Awolowo did up to 40 per cent and it is why the West had a head start in education. Then 82 per cent of its (Lagos State) educational budget is spent on recurrent. There is no way you spend such and expect education to be right,” he said.

While he emphasised that “we are not changing the wheel,” Agbaje said, if voted as Lagos State governor, “we will bring new ideas into the way things are done.”

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