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Palestine: House Probes Nigeria’s Abstention

 The executive arm of government on Tuesday drew the ire of the House of Representatives over its decision to abstain from the United Nation's voting on the recognition of Palestinian independence.

Spurred by a motion raised by Hon. Aminu Suleiman (APC, Kano), the House summoned Nigeria's foreign affairs minister, Aminu Wali, to appear before its foreign affairs committee and explain the reason for Nigeria' sudden turn about on the voting.

According to Sulaiman, the volte face of Nigeria in the voting for the Palestinian recognition is a negation of commitment to supporting the Palestinian quest.

The motion was unanimously adopted with a proviso that Nigeria shouldn't shy away from backing Palestinian independence as well as the struggles of other oppressed people in the world.

There was a slight hiccup before its adoption as Hon. Simon Yakubu Arabo (PDP, Kaduna) sought the expunging of the prayer calling for Nigeria to reassess its stand for the push of Palestinian independence.

But his opposition didn't sail through.

Arguing that the voting was dispassionate as France, Germany, China, Russia and Chile all voted in favour of the Palestinian independence, Suleiman wondered why Nigeria, which championed the fight against apartheid in South Africa will depart from a position it has been known for since independence.

The lawmakers' resolve to probe Nigeria's indecision on the Palestinian independence comes a week after the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) demanded the National Assembly's investigation of the abstention.

ACF said the National Assembly "should summon both the foreign minister and the Permanent Representative of Nigeria at the United Nations and ask them to explain the most recent deviation from our normal diplomatic principles."

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