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In defense of Rev. Father Mbaka


I have read many updates, comments, and caricatures that were intended to cast aspersion on father Mbaka because of his remarks that did not support GEJ.

I am making this update to respond to such verbal ignorance, and pure mischievous utterances made to score cheap political gains. I can hear father Mbaka crying out to God saying, ''evil men/women have surrounded me, they are trying to destroy me. Save me and protect me Lord from people who pay no attention to your laws. And I hear the a voice telling him be calm my servant, no evil shall overcome, 1000 will fall besides you and you will not be harmed. You will wait and see how evil people will be defeated.

1. A closer look on most of the updates you will discover that most updates tagged fr. Mbaka as ''a man of God''. Reverend father Mbaka is an ordained catholic priest, and catholic priests do not ascribe that title to themselves nor are they called that by Catholics. "Man of God" is a self vainglory title by men who assumed themselves to be representatives of God on earth. Therefore that title is to the non-Catholics.

Catholic priests are ordained to continue the re-enactment of the sacrifice of Christ at the Calvary. Their primary responsibility is to offer this sacrifice and to forgive sins as ordered by Christ. According to the book of Hebrew 5:1-5, a priest is a man called from among men to offer sacrifice to God, to stand in the gap before God. he offers the sacrifice for the forgiveness of the peoples' sins, and calls God's blessings on the people. the scripture continues, he offers the sacrifice for himself too because he too is subject to all human weaknesses. To just refer to Mbaka as a man of God is a deliberate attempt to bring him to the level of the self appointed messaihas in the street.

2. They say ''how can a ''man of God'' be speaking from the two sides of his mouth. They dig up his comments in the past where he praised Dam patient when she visited the Adoration center of Fr. Mbaka. According to them, when the going was good Mbaka anointed Patient and GEJ as redeemers of Nigeria only to turn against them because the seed is no longer coming. For this, and because of it they making sacrilegious comments against an ordained priest of God. They also argued that if he was truly a representative of God he should not be giving conflicting messages. My response is that those who peddle on this line of thought are ignorance of the ways of the spirit.

There is a misinterpretation that men of God do give prophesies, and they reveal the mind of God, therefore they are prophets too. This too is erroneous. Prophesies ended with Christ. After Christ there is nothing more to reveal. In Christ God gave all out to mankind. hence Christ is the priest, the temple, the alter, and the victim. He is the message and the messenger.

Father Mbaka as a priest is not beyond mistakes, and he is not without his own personal opinion. that he is a priest does not mean he cannot express his own opinion. For the ignorant, they would not understand that ''opinion'' cannot be a lie or wrong. For clarification purposes, let me state here that in logic/philosophy there is nothing like ''lie''. Lie is when one is making deliberate effort to deceive others, or tries to withhold truthful information from someone in authority to make decisions that will affect others. You lie when you deliberately withhold any information, or freely fabricates claims and insists on spreading same as true to others. First you know what you are saying is not true, you are free in spreading such information, and you have intention to deceive others. It is false when your you arrived at your conclusion through a bad premise. In this case many people make claims that are false but ordinary language calls it a lie.

3. Did Mbaka lie? I don't think so. Saint Paul in his exhortations to the Romans encouraged them to fast, and pray as they wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ. He instructed that those who were rich should live as though they were poor. he asked that those married should live as though they were not married. he also admonished people to live a detached lives from wealth and pump because he understood the second coming of Christ to be something that would happen within a short period. This led the early Christians to enter into the mountains, some into the caves, many went into the monasteries, others formed cloisters around them. many stopped working. When days, months and years passed Christ did not come, Christians started worrying what would happen to those who died before the coming of Christ?. Some were not happy that some brethren were eating but refused to work. Did Paul lie when he said people should live as though Christ would come the next day? No. this was why he came back to correct the earlier impression and made the popular command that he who does not work let him not eat. This is similar to what Mbaka has said. At the time he praised Dam patient the revelation on her destructive tendencies have not been revealed to him. At that time he might not have known just as you did not know yet that Dam Patient is not a Christian. That she does not worship the same God of Jesus Christ as you do. That dam patient goes about with a life snake she worships around her waist. At that time he might have known just as you do not know now that Dam patient and her husband do not sleep together, and that since GEJ was deputy governor of Bayelsa state he has not ate any food cooked by his wife nor sleep with her as a wife. If after the various visitations of Dam patient to Adoration center, these truths emerged, would it be bad for him to speak out?

4. Those who keep maligning this priest are doing so because they are ignorant. The psalm says, ''the Lord has take an oath and he will not repent. You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek". Mbaka ukochukwu ebe ebe ka i bu. There is nothing the detractors will do to you. Keep vibrating. Keep saying the message of contradiction of this time. Your God will but a shield over you and no weapon fashioned by mouth will get to you. the hatred of your enemies will prove your glory at the end.

The end of the era of corruption is about to be over. Those who glory in the exploitations of the masses are jittery and they are the ones castigating you. The faithfuls are with you and they offer their prayers for you everyday. God bless you reverend father Mbaka.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websites. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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