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NIGERIA: ‘Some Soldiers Presumed Dead Still Alive’

Contrary to accepted beliefs that all the soldiers declared missing had died, the President of the Army Officers’ Wives Association (NAOWA) and wife of the Chief of Army Staff, Mrs. Felly Minimah said on Friday that some were just missing in action.

Mrs. Minimah who said this during the presentation of gift items to over 1000 women, including the widows of slain officers at the 9 Brigade Headquartes, Ikeja Cantonment, Lagos, said not all presumed dead were really dead.

Presenting the relief materials to widows of fallen heroes, she said, "No one is happy if any bad thing happens to any of our soldiers."

"It breaks our heart when any of our soldiers die in battle. Also, some of the soldiers we think are dead because we have not seen them or they have not called are not dead. Some of them are missing-in-action but still living.

“I reassure you that with God’s help when this fight is over, some of them we think are dead will resurface."

Still addressing the women, she urged them to stop insulting their husbands, adding that the soldiers were very important and the drivers of the army.

She said, “I want you people to respect your husbands and stop cursing them or reporting them to their bosses. Who told you your husband is useless? The Nigerian Army does not have a useless soldier; the army does not recruit stupid soldiers.

“The Boko Haram trouble is enough to make us pray for our husbands and so, I do not expect you to give them any trouble. Your husbands are the drivers of the army and they are very important to this nation.

“With the news from the army that any soldier that attains Master Warrant Officer before retirement will be given car and other things to live comfortably, don’t you know it is your duty to pray that God will keep your husband even if he is fighting in the northeast and has not sent money to you yet?"

She also said NAOWA has put measures on ground to empower the women with different skills to enable them cater for themselves and their children.

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