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Hunters, Civilian JTF: How Mubi was Recaptured from Insurgents

Mubi town fell into the hands of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents two weeks ago which resulted in hundreds of thousands fleeing the second largest city of Adamawa State for fear of further attacks.

Reports from Mubi show that the insurgents overran the Army Barracks situated within the town, killed several residents , destroyed churches and valuables worth billions of naira as the Nigerian troops detailed to the areas were alleged to have fled on seeing the insurgents.

The activities of the insurgents in the state became a thing of concern, following their annexation of five local government areas of Machida, Madagali, Mubi North and South, Mahia and some parts of Hong and Gombi local government areas.

A State government source in Yola revealed that when the insurgents captured Mahia local government last Wednesday, there were rumours that the insurgents were planning to overrun the state capital.

He said following the development, the state government, Military, traditional rulers and some top politicians in the state came up with the idea to employ the services of “Yan Baka and Yan Tauri” (local hunters) and Civilian JTF from Gombe, Kano and Borno states to fight the insurgents.

The source said testimonies from soldiers involved in the fight against insurgents revealed that the Boko Haram employed mystical powers to overwhelm the Nigerian troops as he alleged that it was a contributory factor to the soldiers fleeing from the insurgents.

“A soldier told me that when they fired their guns at the insurgents, they did not die because they have mystical powers (Voodoo) and keep advancing toward the soldiers even though the soldiers were firing them, so the soldiers have no options but to flee from them” he said

He further asserted that  the continued fleeing of the Nigerian soldiers from the insurgents prompted the idea of drafting the local hunters  allegedly versed in the use of the voodoo powers and have discerning abilities to contain the insurgents.

However in the wake of annexation of territories belonging to Nigeria by Boko Haram, some indigenes of Adamawa State have accused the Nigerian Military of aiding the Boko Haram in capturing more towns and villages in the state.

The indigenes said in the wake of the attitude of Nigerian Troops who always run away whenever the insurgents struck towns and villages, leaving them to be taken over without a fight, they were constraint to believe that the soldiers were working hand in hand to cede towns and villages to the sect.

An indigene of Madagali Local Government Dr. Umar Duhu said he believed that soldiers were aiding Boko Haram to capture towns and villages in the state as they usually run and leave their duty posts whenever the insurgents struck.

“I believe that soldiers are aiding the annexation of many towns and villages as I could not understand why they always leave their duty posts and leave the insurgents to overtake our towns.

“The primary responsibility of the soldiers is to defend Nigeria from external aggression but it seems they have failed to discharge the onerous responsibilities leaving vast territories to be captured on a platter of gold.

“I am very sad about how the insurgents captured Mubi without any fight from the soldiers which exerted the belief that the soldiers are playing double games in the whole saga”, he said.

Another indigene of Adamawa North, Abubakar Kwacam said the lack-lustre attitude of the soldiers towards the security of the area left much to be desired as he also expressed unhappiness with the attitude of the soldiers.

“We are in doubt about the sincerity of Nigerian soldiers in the whole operation, and we sense complicity as what is happening could not be possible without any form of collusion,” he said.

Confirming the incident in Yola, Governor of Adamawa Sate, Mr. Bala James Ngilari said, “the insurgents have been flushed out of Mubi and are on the run,”

Ngillari noted that the success recorded in the fight against the Boko Haram was the handwork of God as he said “God is in this business of security in Adamawa State. You know in the last one week or so, the government had decided to be working with the vigilante group “Yan Baka”, Local Hunters and Civilian JTF. They have been working hand in hand with them.

However the local hunters organised themselves in-view of the fact that they were deployed from different states and were able dislodged the insurgents in Mahia and move to Mubi town to liberate it.

Residents said the local hunters were stationed in Maraban Mubi for four days mapping out strategies on how to recapture Mubi before they finally took on the insurgents, which resulted to killing of several insurgents as other were also arrested.

Checks revealed that the local hunters and Civilian JTF would proceed to other parts of the north east region still under the control of the insurgents.

  However the recapturing of the town by hunters elicited Jubilations on Thursday as residents were marching from street to street in the town chanting songs of victory to God over the recapturing of their ancestral homes which had been under the control of the dreaded Boko Haram.

Feelers from Mubi revealed that the residents trooped out to express gratitude to God and also show solidarity to the local hunters and Civilian JTF who rescued them from the control of the insurgents.
Residents said they were excited that their homes had been liberated from the insurgents.

Residents also disclosed that all the flags hoisted by the insurgents had been uprooted and replaced by Nigerian flags adding that even the Palace of the Emir of Mubi which had been converted to the spiritual headquarters of the insurgents had been retaken.

According to the report , the insurgents had no option than to beat a retreat into the bush that was how the hunters were chasing and slaughtering the insurgents in Mahia and Mubi to Vintim village, the hometown of the Chief Defence Staff ,CDS, Air Marshal, Alex badeh  .
The report added the Hometown of the CDS was also liberated from the hands of the insurgents by the local hunters and Civilian JTF.
Meanwhile, residents of Hong and Gombi local government areas yesterday disclosed that while the insurgents were fleeing from Mubi in their large numbers on Hilux vans and about forty motorcycles, they killed eight people in Fadama Raka in Hong local government area and went through Gombi town.

However one of the hunters told This Day that the insurgents had been hypnotized by the local hunters and will only keep hovering round but cannot completely escape from their hands.

He said they will soon wipe out the insurgents out of the environs of Mubi adding that Gombi which was under attack had been liberated by the local hunters who were chasing the insurgent at the time of sending this report.

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