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NIGERIA: Local hunters, Civilians Liberate Mubi from Boko Haram.

 Local hunters and civilian vigilante on Thursday liberated Mubi in Adamawa state from the clutches of Boko Haram as several of the fanatics, including their leader, Abubakar Shekau, were killed and others chased out by the local hunters.

Subsequently, there was jubilation in Mubi town as residents marched from street to street in the town chanting songs of victory to God over the recapture of their ancestral homes which had been under the control of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents.

Feelers from Mubi revealed that the residents trooped out to express gratitude to God and also show solidarity with the local hunters and the vigilante known as Civilian JTF who rescued them from the control of the Islamist extremists.

Residents said they were excited that their homes had been liberated from the hands of the Boko Haram insurgents who have been chased out.

One of the residents from Mubi, Mallam Musa Bello,  who spoke to ThisDay through the phone revealed that most of the local hunters and Civilian JTF were mobilized from  Gombe, Kano, Bauchi and Borno states by some top politicians in Adamawa state after perceiving that the state might be taken over by the insurgents if nothing was done.

Bello further added that over 30,000 local hunters and Civilian JTF were mobilized for the fight against unwanted elements, adding that the Emir of Mubi was the one that initiated the idea, seeing that he had lost his kingdom to the insurgents.

Other reports from Mubi said that the hunters have recaptured the 234 Army Battalion as well as other strategic security formations in the area which fell into the hands of the insurgents when they took over the town.

Residents reported that about five military Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) and other war equipment were also recovered from the hands of insurgents.

Residents also disclosed that all the flags hoisted by the insurgents have been uprooted and replaced by Nigerian flags adding that even the Palace of the Emir of Mubi which has been converted to the spiritual headquarters of the insurgents have been liberated from the hands of the insurgents.

The residents stated the development had forced the insurgents to retreat into the bush as the hunters gave them a hot chase toward Sambisa forest.

Confirming the incident on Thursday in Yola, governor of Adamawa Sate, Bala James Ngilari said: “The insurgents have been flushed out of Mubi and are on the run,”

He noted that the success recorded in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgents is the handwork of God as he said: “God is in this business of security in Adamawa state. You know in the last one week or so, the government has decided to be working with the vigilante group “Yan Baka”, local hunters and Civilian JTF. They have been working hand in hand with them.”

Checks revealed that the local hunters and Civilian JTF will proceed to other parts of the north east region still under the control of the insurgents. It was also revealed that the local hunters operate with magical powers and could easily identify where the insurgents were hiding.

Reports also revealed that every attempt made by Boko Haram insurgents during the battle to fire their guns on the local hunters was abortive as their mystic powers wouldn’t allow the insurgents to do so.

According to the report , the insurgents have no option than to beat a retreat into the bush. It added that that was how the hunters were chasing and slaughtering the insurgents in Mahia and Mubi to Vintim village, the hometown of the Chief Defence Staff ,CDS, Air Marshal, Alex Badeh  .

The report also added the hometown of the CDS was also liberated from the hands of the insurgents by the local hunters and Civilian JTF.

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