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News has it that the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has commended President Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR for the quick response to the Ebola issue in Nigeria. Obi according to the source spoke to Journalists at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, shortly after he was screened, among other travellers into Abuja, for signs of the Ebora virus.

Obi who said that he had followed the response of the Federal Government, the release of Billions of Naira to control the menace and many enlightenment campaigns mounted by the Federal Ministry of Health led by Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu and the corresponding efforts by the States, especially through their epidemiologists, said it was very encouraging the manner the Government had faced the issue. This, according to him, was another proof that the Government of President Goodluck Jonathan had remained responsive to the people of Nigeria.

And I ask: how could Peter Obi congratulate people for failing to do their job? Is he not aware that Nigerian government caused ebola outbreak by their negligence.

I want to repeat that when we say these crops of leaders are incompetent some empty heads says we are playing politics, now Ebola is in Nigeria as a result of negligence of those in authority. Our leaders could have stopped Ebola from entering Nigeria from the point of entering by placing well equipped medical personnel to check those coming in from the affected regions. But no, they did nothing.

National Security Adviser warned the Office of the Minister of Health of the grave implications of the Ebola virus to national security and the need for steps to be taken 10 days before the infamous visit of the Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, to Lagos.

It was also learnt that the ministry, the NSA’s office and the Presidential Communication, Command and Control at the State House were to hold joint briefings on the Ebola issue. However, investigations revealed that the Plan of Action was yet to be followed 10 days before the sick Sawyer visited the country and infected health workers and others with the deadly virus.

Everyone has heard about Ebola, journalist has written about it but perhaps the health minister is the only one that did not read what the journalist wrote about having our point of entering under medical screening. The health minister sat back and waited until Ebola virus has entered Nigeria before putting preventive measures in place.
To make matters worse, the minister is quoted as saying ''48 passengers that came with Sawyer to Nigeria refused the invitation to be under surveillance, which according to him, further put the country at greater risk.

The question is: how could any right thinking person have allowed that to happen? Does it mean our leaders don't think? Does it mean they don't plan?

Now Peter Obi is commending them for incompetence. What a poor mind!

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