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Boko Haram: Women Lawyers Decry Increasing Widowhood in Nigeria

International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) has tasked President Goodluck Jonathan to deploy all energies to halt the activities of insurgents in the country.
The women organisation stated that  the trend of Boko Haram insurgents had indicated that women are the worst hit by the nefarious and senseless killings and kidnapping that had been carried out by the evil group.

In a chat with journalists in Ado-Ekiti yesterday, the chairperson of the body in Ekiti, Mrs. Rita Ilevbare, said the killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians through the dastardly activities of the Islamic militants had brought unprecedented sorrow to many women.

Ilevbare decried the rising wave of bomb explosions in the northern zone in recent time despite the declaration of emergency rule by the President Jonathan in three states in the northern part of the country.

She pointed out that the increased  level of widowhood among women owing to seemingly unabating terror  attacks  would further erode  the country’s family values, except  concerted steps are taken to forestall the persistent carnage under the guise of terrorism.

Ilevbare said: “Women  and children are always at the receiving end of any war and the one being experienced under Boko Haram insurgents cannot be an exception. This is simply because women have nowhere to run to. They would have to wait behind and defend their families, particularly their children even under a tense situation.

“We are mostly pissed off by the increasing level of bombing despite the emergency rule in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States. The heavy presence of military personnel has not changed anything and this is not good for the system.
“The recent deaths in series of bombings in Kaduna affected mostly women while the one in Kano,  Adamawa and Borno had been frightening and making the future of this country look hopeless.

“With all these happenings, the federal government must change tactics in curtailing these evil doers to prevent further wailings and debasement of motherhood because this country is greater than any individual or group,” she advised.
Ilevbare also appealed to the men folk not to see the agitations for the recovery of the 238 Chibok girls as a women affairs, saying all Nigerians would have to consistently advocate for the release of the seized girls to bring happiness to all mothers across the globe.

The FIDA boss averred that “the seizure of these girls had assumed a global dimension to the effect that a globally acclaimed child rights activist, Malala, had to come to Nigeria to personally meet President Jonathan on the issue.

“With this, the advocacy has gone beyond the realm of gender. It is a battle for all of us because in recent time, only women organisations have consistently been holding protests  for the release of the girls. It is a battle for all Nigerians and not for women alone,” Ilevbare pointed out.

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