NIGERIA: Police Rescue Woman Caught with Dead Child from Lynching

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 Police attached to the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) yesterday rescued a middle-aged woman simply identified as Florence, from being lynched by an angry mob at the Mile 2 area of Lagos after she was caught with a dead baby.

The woman was said to have been in possession of a five-year-old dead boy, whom she claimed was one of her three children.

According to eyewitness account, the woman had backed the dead child and was walking along the road when a passerby, who became alarmed at the still form, accosted her.
Before she could offer a valid explanation, a large crowd gathered and unleashed barrages of blows on her, accusing her of killing the child for ritual purposes.

However, the policemen who were stationed at the other side of the bridge were called in as the angry mob attempted to lynch and set the woman ablaze.
According to the police, during the preliminary interrogation, the woman disclosed that the boy’s name was Chidi and that he was the last of her three children.

She had also told the police that the deceased had been very sick and had fever with urgent need for blood transfusion before he died three days ago due to lack of funds for medical treatment.

The police said the woman claimed she was going around trying to raise funds to travel back to her village in Delta State to bury her son, as well as reunite with her two other surviving children.

However, the police said investigations are ongoing to ascertain her claims before she is released.

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