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Presidency Lauds Conference Delegates

The Political Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Prof Rufai Ahmed Alkali, yesterday commended the management and delegates to the National Conference for the successful adoption of the reports of the 20 committees of the conference.

Alkali made the commendation in Abuja at a  summit organised by a political pressure group, Southern and Northern Amalgamated Support for President Jonathan, (SONAS for PJ).

According to him, when President Jonathan inaugurated the conference, some people felt no agreement would be reached by the delegates and that the conference would collapse midway.
He noted that the delegates exhibited a high sense of patriotism throughout their deliberations at the committee and plenary sessions.

He also applauded President Jonathan for not interfering with the conference since it was inaugurated in March.
“Yesterday, the National Conference plenary session came to a conclusion. You all know the journey to that conference started long ago. There was a time Nigerians said they wanted a conference and we finally agreed to have a conference.

“Who are going to be the members, the president took his time to give everybody full representation. The conference defined its own agenda, set up its own 20 committees and we never heard for one day when Mr. President’s name was mentioned for for interfering with the National Conference up to this moment.

“Now they have concluded their assignments. A lot of people thought the National Conference was going to collapse, it did not collapse. A lot of people thought that no agreement will be reached on so many issues but the reports of all the 20 committees have scaled through as a result of consensus.”

Alkali further declared that such conferences usually have grey areas which would be sorted out in due course.
“If there are grey areas, it is only normal because the debate on Nigeria will not end one day. It is a continuous process.

“We had leaders, elders, people who matter who know the history of this country, who stood for us and put Nigeria first. We should give them a standing ovation for their sacrifices and patriotism for all what they have done.
“We must commend our president for steering the journey up to this point. The gloary goes to him and also to all those who advised in one form or the other, who participated in one form or the other to ensure this conference is successfully concluded.” 

In his brief remark, the Global Coordinator of the group, Mr. Emmanuel Okongete, said the primary mandate of the group is to empower women and youths through training to acquire different skills and mobilise them to ensure the return of President Jonathan in 2015.

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