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Former Speaker: Why I Accepted to be Running Mate to Omisore

Former Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly and running mate to the People Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the state governorship election, Senator Iyiola Omisore, Hon Adejare Bello, yesterday shed light on why he accepted to be on the PDP ticket.

Bello who spoke with journalists in Osogbo, the state capital, said his emergence as the deputy governorship candidate was not his own making but a divine arrangement.

According to him, “when the lot fell on me to be the running mate to Omisore, I saw it as leverage to serve the people at a higher pedestal.

“My record of service is in the public domain; for me, I see every opportunity to hold a political office as an avenue to better the lots of the average citizens. “I spent 12 years in the state assembly to the glory of Allah, and the people of Ede North have no cause to regret having me as their representative.

‘’Even as a speaker, there were times when I would leave my office in search of employment for my people. I am from a humble background, so I know what it takes to be at home after education without gainful employment.

‘’All these experiences and many more, I hope to bring on board when the people of the state would have used their votes to enthrone a truly democratic government.’’

On the chances of the PDP in the governorship election, Bello said: “It is an understatement to say that true Osun citizens are tired of this government of deceit.
‘’Even the operators of the government know that their time is up as they have exhausted all the cosmetics approach, what they are doing now is face saving.

“Imagine a government that refused to pay salaries and allowances now having a change of heart after the Ekiti State elections, Osun State workers are not fools.

‘’Imagine a governor who was ruling by fiat suddenly going to meet groups to explain policy summersaults; it is too late now.” The former two terms speaker said the PDP standard bearer, Omisore, remained a force to be reckoned with in the state and Nigerian politics.

“Omisore is a grassroots politician who has a consistent followership since the days of UNCP before he helped to give bite to the Alliance for Democracy (AD).
“It was on the popularity, steadfastness and mobilisation of Omisore that Chief Bisi Akande rode to become a governor. “It was when the relationship went sour that Omisore was labeled a criminal. He is not a criminal and they know it.

“Workers in the state would not forget what I stood for during the Akande days when mass retrenchment stared at their faces.

“I was one of those voices that spoke against the retrenchment and maltreatment of workers. After Akande, I led the fight that saw to the reinstatement of many workers who were unjustifiably terminated,’’ he added.

Bello described the period of fighting against maltreatment of workers as a period that helped him make up his mind to always stand by the people.
According to him, “When you stand with the people, you have nothing to fear. Being on the present rescue mission is another opportunity for me to stand where my people want me to be.’’

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