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NIGERIA: NCAA to Pull down Structures on Flight Paths

 The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has announced that it would clamp down on all unauthorised high rise structures erected on flight paths.
These structures include telecommunications masts, towers and high-rise buildings built without obtaining aviation height clearance from concerned authorities.
The regulatory body also appointed Noon Mast to carry out the exercise of removing these structures which impede visibility of pilots and also jeopardise safety.
NCAA explained that it was embarking on this action to ensure the safety of all aircraft on approach to land at the nation’s various airports.

It said some of these structures had been found to constitute major obstacles to approach and descent to the airports for aircraft.
The authority said to prevent any untoward consequences, it had appointed Messrs Noon Mast Ventures Nigeria Ltd to commence a nationwide identification of such erections and pull down all such illegal structures within the airport environment and along the flight paths.
According to NCAA’s regulation, those who are compelled by whatever reason to erect a mast or high-rise structure within the airport environment and along flight paths are required to contact the agency to obtain the appropriate Aviation Height Clearance.
Once this request is made, the department in charge would proceed for inspection and give approval for an allowable safety height or advised to relocate the structure entirely where applicable.

The firm had therefore been mandated by NCAA to embark on country wide surveillance, demand for NCAA certificate of clearance as a condition for verification from owners of existing structures and where this was non-existent; they would be pulled down instantly.
NCAA said while owners are advised to cooperate with the authority, it was important to note that all violators would bear the cost of pulling down the structure if the need arises.
“This action is to further strengthen our regulatory resolve to ensure safety and security of air transport in Nigeria.  It is pertinent to point out that violations will be viewed seriously by the authority,” the regulatory body said in a statement signed by the General Manager, Public Affairs, Fan Ndubuoke.

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