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Atiku: 2015 Political Fireworks to Begin after Ramadan Fast

 Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has said he will unfold his next political plans soon after the conclusion of the ongoing Muslim Ramadan fast.
Atiku, who addressed journalists shortly after breaking the fast yesterday night in Abuja said this was the time for Nigerians to join hands and work for the restoration of peace and unity, and not a time to shift blame or draw the battle lines along ethnic or religion differences.

"This event is not a fireworks event, if you want and your looking for fireworks then we can arrange it after the month or Ramadan. Let me also say that the challenges that are facing this country ranges from security, development, unity and stability and this requires all hands on deck irrespective of where we come from, irrespective of our religion or even our differences.
"We must be united to ensure that this country is brought back to the path of growth, peace and stability and to the path of development.
"This period as far as we are concerned as Muslims is very solemn month and a month dedicated for worship and prayer upon mankind. It is therefore necessary that whatever we can do to support mankind should be done. "Therefore it is a sober month for us. I want to appeal to everybody irrespective of your religion to continue to pray for this country, because more than ever before, in all my life in this country, I have not seen the kind of challenges we are facing today.

"I ask  for your understanding and prayers through this month so that God in his infinite mercy will accept our prayers and restore  our country to the path of peace, unity, growth and development for ourselves and also for our future generations.
"It is not a time to start shifting blames but it is a time for all us to work hard and ensure that this country again reemerges from the present predicament to one of the most promising nation in the world, " he said.

The former vice-president said in the last few years the breaking of fast had been held without him because he used to visit Saudi Arabia but that he had to cancel most his engagements outside the country in order to join in this years breaking of fast.
He said the period of Ramadan was a sober month, urging everyone irrespective religious differences forge ahead in peace.

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