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NIGERIA: CNPP Cautions Delegates against Ethnic Sentiments

 As the National Conference rounds up its deliberations in the next ten days, the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) has asked the Chairman, Justice Legbo Kutigi and the entire membership of the conference to place the interest of the country and the fledgling democracy in the front burner and avoid regional, sectional and primordial interests.

In a Statement issued on Sunday by its Acting National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Austin Ibok, CNPP urged the leadership of the National Conference to thrash out issues amicably in the last remaining days and avoid any bickering that may scuttle the conference report.

“We are making this appeal because instead of healing the old wounds, and uniting our dear country; the divisive reports, discordant voices, and sectional drum of ethnic and religious jingoists emanating from the National Conference are antithetical to the 2015 general elections and indeed the primary objective of the conference, “ it said.

CNPP said though it had earlier dismissed the National Conference as untimely, diversionary and utter distraction; the reports of discordant voices from the conference is capable of diverting attention from the 2015 general elections

“We reasoned that President Goodluck Jonathan early in his regime, had the golden opportunity to harvest the 2/3 majority his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had in the National and State Assemblies to amend the constitution in whatever fashion he deemed fit. He failed woefully to do this only to attempt the back door.

“Secondly that the mangers of Mr President may have deliberately convened the National Conference to divert attention from the 2015 general elections playing the primary role of elections in liberal democracies; which is the rating of the performance of incumbents.

“Thirdly, that at the eve of 2015 general elections that the golden opportunity of the two major political parties, the PDP and APC and other satellite political parties to show case their manifestoes will be over shadowed by the drums of ethnic and religious jingoists. Today a lot of people still think that all the political parties have the same manifesto, some are a little to right and some a little to the left.

“Permit us to state sincerely that we do not want to be vindicated; for our vindication is an ill-wind that blows nobody good, except the anti- democratic forces, who are waiting in the wings. These anti-democratic forces and those who want to dismantle the country are basking on the failure of the conference as if the forum is a law making body with legal teeth.

“In sum, to avoid the total failure of the National Conference, we call on the leadership to thrash out issues amicably in the last remaining days in order to avoid throwing away the baby with the bath water, “ it added.

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