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Political note: On the Issue of Electronic Voting

 The senate on Thursday passed the Electoral Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill with a provision empowering the Independent National Electoral Commission to adopt the electronic voting system in elections if it so desires. But the provision by the upper chamber, which had been fiercely opposed to electronic voting, did very little to change the senators’ lack of attention to that voting pattern. It was a vague provision that said nothing about the infrastructure needed to use the electronic voting system.

For one, INEC does not have a real-time operating system to process data as it comes in and be able to prevent double-voting and other rigging methods.

If the senate was sincere in its endorsement of INEC’s powers to choose a desired voting pattern, including electronic voting, it should have made provision for the setting up of the necessary infrastructure. The truth, it seems, is that the politicians are not yet prepared to plug the gaps that facilitate vote rigging in the country.   

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