NIGERIA: Is Gov Fashola Hearing Our Groaning?

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 It is not for nothing medical experts, say that the average life expectancy of Nigerians is just 47 years, whereas it is as high as 80 in advanced countries. Is it that the Black man is made with “inferior parts” that ensures he/she dies young? No! It is the amount of suffering Nigerians go through.

There is no better proof of this than what is happening at the Mile2/Apapa axis of Lagos city.
Unfortunately, I am a twin victim of the suffering and gnashing of teeth associated with these two locations. While I reside in one, I work in the other. In the last two weeks, we literally go to hell and return every day, trying to go to work and return. It is impossible to sufficiently capture, with words, the amount of suffering and agony we go through driving through those centres everyday amidst threats of attacks and robbery.

The temptation is strong to conclude that government has abandoned the people to their fate. There are no alternative routes. Motorists and commuters spend hours unend trying to cross Mile 2. Most days, the traffic snarle stretches to as much as seven kilometers or more on both side, both at the top and under the bridge. The situation is further worsened by two bad spots at the Mile 2 under bridge, which had cut open. With the rains, the cuts only widen and deepen, Just as all the drains in the area have blocked causing massive flooding and worsening a bad case. In the circumstance, all motorists are forced to snail through just one lane. LASTMA officials are understandably helpless. People have resorted to trekking long distances. The other day, I spent over four solid hours crossing Mile 2. And that is only phase one.

Since the Mile 2-Tincan stretch has been seized by tankers and trailers for years now, we had resorted to driving through Ijora to access Apapa. Yet again, a portion of the road at the foot of the Iganmu bridge had cut into two, separated by a big, deep and wide gully, rendering the road impassable. Desperate motorists now drive on the green lawns to circumvent the bad spot, thus destroying the beauty of the greenery.
And as if all that is not enough, the agony of finally entering Apapa is beyond description. All the tankers and trailers in the country, it seems, have also taken over this route, thus making other motorists go grey using the roads. I have been spending between six and seven hours everyday going to work. And we are groaning breathlessly.

Could Fashola please pour gravel, as an immediate solution, on these terrible spots as soon as possible.
And pray, can the movement of these trailers and tankers not be restricted to a specific time belt as is done in other countries?
Surely, the government can do something. We wait.

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