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Insurgency: DSS Keeps Mum on Operational Strategy

 The Department of State Security  (DSS) has said it will not disclose its current operational strategy for fighting insurgency in the country to the press.

Reacting to questions bordering on the current spate of bombings and killings in Nigeria and the inability of the security operatives to stop the bombers from carrying their nefarious activities, spokesperson of the service, Marylyn Ogar, said it would be a security breach to disclose strategies being put in place by any security operatives.

Citing the American investigations into the 9/11 bombing, the DSS’ spokesperson said nothing was heard from the American security operatives until they closed on the mastermind of the attack; Osama Bin Ladin.

Although she alluded to the fact that the DSS was trying its best in combating Boko Haram in the country, she insisted that it would be highly unethical to divulge their strategies to the masses.

In her words: “How do you, of all people, who have been covering our activities and knows how we operate be asking this kind of questions. Do you expect me to tell you our operational strategies so that our enemies will be able to proper against us. American journalists did not get to know and publish any security information concerning 9/11 until operatives closed on the mastermind. Sorry, I can’t divulge our operational strategies to you now.”

When asked what exactly are these Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and if the agency had learnt how insurgents put them together, Ogar insisted that she would not tell the reporter what the service was doing in that regard.

She also kept mum when asked why the operatives couldn’t locate the markets for bomb making item and nab the manufacturers.

“Rather than querying security operatives on their operational strategies, all Nigerians should join hands together to fight the insurgency by providing prompt and correct information to the relevant security agencies.

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