NIGERIA: Injured Teenager Recovers, Recuperates in Hospital

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After several and intensive treatments, Nene Ekwute, the teenage house-help of Dr. Jude Mbama of St. Jude’s Hospital, who was injured in a domestic brawl, is currently recuperating in the hospital, THISDAY investigations can confirm.

Contrary to previous reports that the incident blinded her, the teen, who was said to have been injured on her left eye by the doctor’s 14-year-old son, was at the weekend, still on bed rest at the hospital located in FESTAC Town, Lagos.

It was gathered that the minor had in an altercation over a domestic affair, hit the house help, who is a distant relation, in the eye with a belt, which resulted to the dilation of her pupil.

Speaking to THISDAY in his office, the doctor explained that the incident was actually a mistake, as the son had no intention of hitting the victim in the eye, thus causing injury to the pupil.

He said: “The incident happened on June 13 when a cake was delivered to the house for my wife’s birthday. To get my son to sign for the cake, Nene went upstairs to wake him up. He reluctantly woke up and signed for the cake.

“After that, he called her ‘olodo’ (daft) for being unable to sign for the cake and she angrily hit him. He then used his belt which hit her in the left eye. When I came back from work, I was informed about the incident and after I punished my son, I drove to the hospital for eye drops.

“In the morning, we took her to the optometrist who said her pupils were widely dilated and prescribed some eye drops for her but she was still complaining of pains.

“My wife then took her to Mecure Infraproject Limited for more tests and they did a scan and declared there was no structural injury to the eye.

They dispensed some drugs too but she was still complaining of pains.
“We then took her to Hova’s Place Eye Centre and Surgery Centre, where they prescribed bed rest and some drugs and scheduled a review for Thursday, June 26 and after the review, she was certified to be recovering.”

Mbama said the incident was a mistake, adding that they had never in any way maltreated her, rather, they take her as their daughter as they have only three sons.

Nene has lived with the Mbama family for nine years.
The victim, who also spoke to THISDAY in the presence of her parents, Mr. Donatus and Mrs. Patricia Ekwute, said she was feeling better, although she said the pain was still there.

She said: “After the incident happened, he was crying. He said it was a mistake, that he didn’t me

an to hit me. I feel better now but its still paining me a little. I can read with the eye now.”

Debunking claims that their daughter was an orphan as previously reported, the Ekwutes said they had never got a complaint that she was being maltreated, adding that they were happy with her stay with the Mbamas.

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