NIGERIA: PDP Claims Responsibility for Nyako’s Impeachment Move

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa State has said it is the brain behind the impeachment moves against Governor Murtala Nyako and his Deputy Bala James Ngillari
Speaking to Journalists at the state secretary of  PDP in Yola, Alhaji A.T Shehu  said that they were irked by the maladministration of  governor Nyako to work for his impeachment in order to save Adamawa state from total collapse.

‘’People are disenchanted by the bad leadership being promoted by Nyako’s administration. And as patriotic citizens we will not fold our arms to watch few individuals running the state aground which informed our action to initiate the impeachment moves”, he admitted.

He said despite collecting huge sum of money amounting hundreds of billions of naira in his seven year stewardship, the governor  could not show any basic infrastructural facilities he put in place with the funds.

‘’The roads are un-motorable, the taps are dry, the schools are without teaching facilities while they turn the system as family and friends.

‘’If there is anything more than freezing the account and the impeachment, it should be meted to Nyako and his deputy. In fact, the move is coming a little bit belatedly as the maladministration being entrenched by Governor Nyako has been in the offing for a very long time,’’ said Shehu.

Also commenting in a telephone conference, a former gubernatorial aspirant of the PDP, who challenged Nyako at the 2011 PDP Primaries, Dr Umar Ardo said that the PDP stakeholders within and outside the state were  behind the move to impeach Nyako and his deputy.

‘’I supported the impeachment of the governor and the deputy, and even before the move I have made that position very clear.
  ‘’They (members of the state Assembly) have contacted me and I am sure that they have consulted others stakeholders, and I told them my condition for supporting it and I am satisfied with the process.

‘’ I actually told them as my condition that both the governor and the deputy should go. Because if they have to remove the governor, they should also remove the deputy governor,’’ he said.

According to him,’’ those fighting Nyako are fighting the incumbency which affect both the governor and the deputy. God so kind, both the governor and the deputy have so many issues to answer.

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