Ex-Minister: Bafarawa Not Working against Shagari’s Interest

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A former Minister of Solid Minerals, Alhaji Ahmed Mauhammad Gusau, yesterday said former Governor Attahiru Bafarawa had no reason to work against the interest of Sokoto State Deputy Governor and leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state Alhaji Mukhtari Shagari, adding that there was no animosity between them.

He also asserted that there was no division whatsoever in the PDP, as the party leadership was united and determined to win the 2015 election.

Speaking in an interview with THISDAY in Sokoto yesterday, Gusau maintained that the relationship between Bafarawa and Shagari was cordial and as such there was no cause for acrimony in the party.
He stated that there was no reason for Bafarawa to work against the leader of the party, as he was not seeking for any position.

Gusau explained that there was an understanding between Bafarawa and Shagari that all members should work with unity of purpose in order to achieve the set objectives.

“We have a structure in the PDP and the leader of our party according to party norms and convention is Shagari. The leader of the ‘new PDP’ that recently joined us is Bafarawa and there is no dispute over that.
“Before the merger between the supporters of the former governor and the founding members of the PDP in the state, there was an understanding between Shagari and Bafarawa that the ultimate objective is to work together in harmony to establish government in 2015.

“You cannot have a negotiation or marriage without somebody spearheading it. There is nothing wrong for somebody to come to a place and aspire to take a position. This is a healthy development and we are here to bring various interest groups into one in order to achieve our objective of establishing government come 2015,”he said.

He stated that detractors were behind the wicked rumour making rounds that Bafarawa was at logger heads with the leader of the party.

“The kind of imaginary division and acrimony that some people are propagating about Bafarawa and Shagari only exist in their imagination. I believe they will get disappointed because there is no animosity between the two leaders,”Gusau stressed.

Gusau pointed out that the recent ward congresses of the PDP was conducted without rancour which was an indication that there was no division in the party.
“The recent ward congresses has shown the world that we are united in PDP and poised to take over the reign of leadership come 2015.

“There is unity now in PDP and we are coming together to dialogue and discuss on the way forward. This is to show our followers that our determination is unquestionable and we are committed to ensuring that PDP wins 2015 election in the state,” Gusau added.

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