Femi Fani Kayode Spits Fire! Can Almajiri United Leave Me Alone

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Ever since I left Almajiri United they have been abusing me and getting their Haramite foot soldiers to attack me in the newspapers and on the social media.

If I was never of any value to them and they never trusted me why the loud lamentations, the open aggression, the anger, the bitterness and the tears simply because I have left? Cant they just leave me alone?

Out of respect for the few dear friends that I still have in the APC I have held my peace but if I am sufficiently provoked and I start on them they will be damaged beyond redemption. This is a war that they cannot possibly win.

Those that love them best advise them to leave Achilles alone because they cannot stand against him in battle. If I choose to speak out, fight back and tell the world who and what they are, what they represent, how they love to shed blood, their relationship with Boko Haram, the truth about Chibok and the role some of their leaders played in it, their Islamist agenda, their links with the Middle East and the Arab world, their born to rule mentality, their desire to use the south west and later dump them, their utter disdain for southerners, the Middle Belt, the northern minorities, the moderate Muslims and the christian community and so much more this country will burn.

For 38 years they enjoyed power and now they are destabilizing the government, making the country ungovernable, slaughtering innocent civilians at will and abducting children just to get it back. They have also infiltrated the military and our security agencies with their moles and they have divided our army. Yet these are the people that are talking and pointing fingers at others.

Like Shakespeare's Henry V said, they should "wake not our sleeping sword lightly". I am not like most people and I do not know the meaning of the word fear. I am not an easy man to fight because God is with me. I am Achilles- I love with passion and I fight with rage.

PDP and the Federal Government do not have the best of records and they have got a lot of things wrong over the years. I once described the party as a sinking ship and I meant it. However we will join our hands together now and stop that ship from sinking because we have no choice but to do so. I would rather go back to a sinking ship and salvage it rather than be in bed with men and women who have blood on their hands and whose desperation for power and to rule over those that they believe were born to be their slaves. The Haramites in the APC cannot be trusted with power. It is as simple as that. They are the greater and greatest evil. They are the darkness that seeks the darkness. PDP is the only party that can stop them and that is why I have gone back to them. I will also use my good offices to talk to Baba Obasanjo to stop flirting with these demons in the APC because deep down they secretly hate him. I have only revealed 10 per cent of what I know because I do not want to create havoc in this country but slowly the whole truth about the APC will emerge. Who really started it, what it's real agenda is, whose interests it is designed to further and protect and so on and so forth will soon come out. Sadly the overwhelming majority of it's members have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes and what the agenda really is. Those are the ones that I really feel sorry for. They will cry at the end of the day if APC are ever able to seize power at the Federal level because if that happens we will all become second class citizens in a new colony. One day the Nigerian people will thank me for the step that I have taken but for now they can continue to abuse me for what I have done. At least I have the courage of my convictions and, unlike many others, I have refused to be intimidated and to remain silently in what is essentially a cult. Despite all it's defects and challenges I have gone back to my family the PDP and I am glad to be there. I am also glad that they have welcomed me with open arms. Now the work begins. To the Haramites of the APC I say ''eat your hearts out and go and die''. Your insults, lies and misrepresentations do not move me. They only strengthen my resolve to protect my country and my people from the evil that you represent.''

Femi Fani Kayode

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